A New Electrified Supercharging System

Fuel agnostic

NESS works with all kinds of fuels

Fully integrated

Integrated directly onto existing powertrains

Smooth installation

in connection to ordinary vehicle service and maintenance schedule

"NESS ususally pays for itself within 1-2 years of driving"

Adaptable configuration

Our NESS product can be fitted on 98 % of Europes automotive passenger and light commercial vehicle fleets.

5 years warranty

Using high quality parts, and assembling NESS in Sweden, we feel confident in our system providing fuel savings for years to come.

Fully integrated

You won’t even notice NESS is there, except for the longer time between fuel ups. It’s an upfit system that integrates to your existing drivetrain.

Quick installation

NESS is installed by authorise workshops in less than three hours, making the installation quick and convenient.

Why has no one done this before?

Because the economics of car manufacturing focus on improving specific, separate part of the cars. NESS combines several improvements in one product.

A 4-in-1 hybridisation solution

Solving the problem
of converting already sold
vehicles to electric hybrids

NESS: New Electrified Supercharging System

NESS is based on +56 international patents. Unlike other systems, NESS is the only one capable of recovering energy 100 % of the driving time, saving up to 20 % in fuel reductions.

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"There’s a large gap in the automotive market created by lagging EV technology roll out, uneven emission regulations, and market incentives for fuel reduction through 2022 – 2050"
Isak Löfgren
Founder & CEO

Refitting your current vehicle fleet

Save up to 20 % in fuel costs and comply with environmental regulations while keeping your existing fleet. NESS is compatible with most “workhorse” engines running American, European and MEAN cars.


NESS can be installed in three hours in connection to ordinary vehicle service and maintenance schedule.

Fleet Owners

Save on fuel with an ROI in year one.







Electrification made Easy
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