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KASI Technologies was founded with the belief that real change comes from broad modifications and enhancements of existing technology, not unrealistic technological leaps and magical thinking. NESS has the potential to reduce emission from existing fleets with 20 %, thus reducing CO2 pollution from vehicles with megatons on a truly large scale.

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Founded in 2007, KASI Technologies has focused on research and development of NESS (New Electrified Supercharging System), a system that goes beyond conventional hybrid product solutions. Developed in cooperation with large car manufacturers (OEMs), our market entry products can be installed in most standard powertrains from VW and Ford in as little as a couple of hours. Thanks to reduced fuel consumption, customer ROI is less than a year!

The company was founded by Isak Löfgren () together with a serial entrepreneur and four highly experienced former senior engineers and executives with more than a hundred years of experience from powertrain development from Volvo Cars and SAAB Automobile. Today, Isak is acting CEO and has put together a competent and diverse team to take NESS to market in 2023. In 2022, the company recieved an EU grant of €2 million to finalise market certifications and ramp up production & sales. We are now accepting pre-orders from public and commercial fleet owners, and are expecting first deliveries late 2023.
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