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Reduce emissions, fuel cost and enable electric drive

Our vision is that Electrification is and should be made Easy. With our new disrupting technology your vehicle can be turned into an electric hybrid overnight. The installation only takes a couple of hours and future proof your vehicle and get you electric drive with major CO2 and fuel savings. Best of all, it is very cost effective and fits 98% of all vehicles on the roads today, even trucks and buses.

Upfit fossil and BIO-fuel vehicles to electric HYBRIDs

Our NESS system only take a couple of hours to install and will give you electric drive overnight. NESS can be fitted on 98 % of all vehicle on the roads today. 

LArge savings in fuel Cost

Converting to e-hybrid reduce fuel consumption which give fleet owners large cost savings, a way to retain margins and get their investment back in as little as 6 months.

*Depending on mileage per month

reduce megatons of co2 emissions

NESS reduce your vehicles CO2 emissions, enable you to travel through cities with regulated emissions zones and meet future climate goals.

Let us help you with your electrification

Get ready for the future with disruptive technology and electrify you vehicle in a cost effective way. Pre-order is available for fleet owners 

Made in Sweden

KASI Technologies AB is born out of Swedish engineering. 

All our research, testing and production takes place here, continuing our country’s proud car manufacturing tradition.

Solving the problem
of converting all existing
vehicles to electric hybrids

NESS: New Electrified Supercharging System

NESS is based on our own proprietary technology developed over 10 years time together with automotive industrial leaders and manufactures resulting in +56 granted patents covering the entire vehicle sector.


Much like unique Formula 1-systems, NESS is the only e-hybrid system for roadcars capable of recycling energy 100 % of the driving time, saving up to 20 % in fuel reductions.

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Years of product development and verification
World Wide Granted Patents
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"There’s a large gap in the automotive market created by lagging EV technology roll out, uneven emission regulations, and market incentives for fuel reduction through 2022 – 2050"
Isak Löfgren
Founder & CEO

Refitting your current vehicle fleet

Save 20% fuel costs, comply with environmental regulations while keeping your existing fleet margins. NESS is compatible with most existing powertrains in American, European and Middle East cars.


NESS can be installed in three hours in connection to ordinary vehicle service and maintenance schedule.

Fleet Owners

Save on fuel with an ROI in year one.





Electrification made Easy
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